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    Glazing systems

    Bus / Automotive Sector

    Every manufacturer of any type of automotive vehicle or machinery is constantly aware of the energy efficiency gains to be made through a reduction in the vehicle’s weight.

    Boomer was tasked to provide a lightweight plastic solution as a replacement for metal parts in the window glazing detail for a major UK bus manufacturer.

    In addition to weight reduction Boomer assisted the vehicle manufacturer by designing plastic components which required fewer fixings than before, ensuring labour savings through a faster installation process.

    Boomer’s technical team worked closely in partnership with the bus manufacturer to design profiles which would enhance the vandal resistance of the assembled vehicle.

    Special Services – Kit assemblies

    Boomer added value to the manufacturer by carrying out post extrusion services in the Boomer factory to provide single bus kits with all parts cut to size and pre-finished to further streamline the assembly of the bus.

    The availability of individual “bus packs” resulted in a reduction of waste for the customer and reduced inventory as a secondary benefit.

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