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    Innovative Lorry Side System

    Transport & Vehicles

    Boomer was chosen by Tata Steel to develop a lightweight extruded joining system for use with their innovative Coretinium® panel material. This unique and durable composite solution delivers weight savings to the transport sector. With the aid of the Boomer produced interlocking profiles the lightweight panels can now be efficiently used in lorry sides.

    Working closely with Tata, the Boomer technical team advanced the joining strip project from concept stage, through prototype sampling, material selection and production trialling.

    The pre-finished steel and a rigid polymer honeycomb core provides a composite solution with exceptional rigidity to weight ratio that can help reduce vehicle weight, cut CO2 emissions and increase payloads. Coretinium® is ideally suited to a range of transport applications such as; commercial trailer side walls, floors and doors, bus floors, and recreational vehicles such as horseboxes.

    The system was officially launched by Tata at the Commercial Vehicle show in Birmingham.


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