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    Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy, Slough


    Lynch Hill Enterprise Academy is one of the largest ever modular schools to be built in the UK.

    This 1,140-place academy specialises in science, technology, engineering and maths, and was built by The McAvoy Group as principal contractor for the Learning Alliance Academy Trust.

    Door Specification

    Boomer was tasked to produce more than 250 individual door sets in a wide variety of different configurations in line with McAvoy’s detailed door schedule. This included single and double leaf doors with the appropriate heavy duty rating, appropriate for the wear and tear encountered in a busy school environment.

    The Boomer door set design is ideal for use in offsite build projects where the high-quality pre-finished doors and frames with pre-installed hardware lead to efficiencies in the factory build stages and remove the need for onsite labour.

    The project required Boomer to deliver the door sets against a tightly managed call off with each bespoke set corresponding to a unique specification for glazing, hardware, closure system etc.

    Images are courtesy and copyright of McAvoy Group

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