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    Why pre-hung door sets?

    There are many reasons to rely on Boomer’s bespoke service. Offsite production of door sets produces a high-quality product which installs in minutes and provides time savings of up to 50% compared to traditional on-site fabrication.

    Using Boomer Door sets also dramatically reduces costly snagging on site.

    Offsite Quality

    Precision manufacturing in factory conditions with certified ISO 9001 quality procedures in place guarantees a remarkable degree of accuracy.

    Pre-finished doors and frames remove the need for wet trades on site, delivering impeccable appearance.

    Efficient Install

    A complete door set can be installed in just minutes and requires less skilled labour than the alternative method of hanging doors on site.

    This can facilitate considerable time savings, particularly on rapid build construction projects.

    Cost Effective

    Research has shown that door sets can represent significant savings in both capital costs and the labour required. Savings can also be realised through the elimination of waste and stock loss on site.

    Specification Choice

    Our bespoke service provides endless choice in styles, finishes, hardware and performance. As a factory finished unit, the specifier can be satisfied in advance that every aspect of the specification has been met prior to arrival on site.

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