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About us

Boomer is a specialist plastics manufacturer dedicated to serving a wide cross section of industry with bespoke solutions. Established in 1970 and now with almost 50 years experience of delivering collaborative design and manufacturing services we have built a strong reputation for performance.

While we are best known for our custom plastics extrusion services many of our customers also rely on our post extrusion services , offering processing and fabrication to streamline their own manufacturing processes.

In addition to our extensive customer base across the UK and Ireland we export to Europe, North America and the Middle East. The diversity within our customer base reflects the depth of our expertise as we supply plastic extrusion and moulding solutions for everything from aerospace to white goods.

The world of plastics is constantly evolving so Boomer is continuously extending the range of polymers, additives and product characteristics available to customers.

We adopt the latest rapid prototyping technologies to shorten the lead time on bespoke projects.

Our expertise has developed across three core services; Extrusion, Post Extrusion Services and Injection Moulding. In every case, our focus is to provide cost effective solutions which integrate efficiently into the client’s work flow, adding value to the process.

Management Team

Andrew Robinson

Managing Director

Andrew Wallace

Operations and Finance Director

Thomas Faughey

Technical Director

Jim Newport

Sales and Marketing Manager

Janet Little

HR and CI Manager

Benedict Clarke

Quality Manager

Alison McCann

Customer Services Manager

John Barr

Project Manager

Linda Sands

Finance Manager

Philip Menary

Production Manager

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