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    Extrusion Materials


    Properties | Rigid, opaque, glossy tough, good low temperature properties, good dimensional stability.

    Applications | Ducting, rigid luggage, domestic appliance housings, radiator grills, handles, computer housings.


    Properties | Generally very tough materials with good thermal and chemical resistance.

    Applications | Moulded car interior components

    Polycarbonate PC

    Properties | Polycarbonates are strong, stiff, hard, tough, transparent engineering thermoplastics that can maintain rigidity up to 140°C and toughness down to -20°C or special grades even lower. Also adds impact resistance when used in blends, ie PC/ABS.

    Applications | Safety screens, transparent components, impact resistant parts.


    Properties | Rigid, translucent, tough, spring-like qualities, good stress relaxation resistance, good wear and electrical properties.

    Applications | Business m/c parts, small pressure vessels, aerosol valves, plumbing systems.


    Properties | Compatibility with many different kinds of additives – PVC can be clear or coloured, rigid or flexible.

    Applications | Window frames, construction profiles, drainage pipe, water service pipe, medical devices, blood storage bags, cable and wire insulation, resilient flooring, roofing membranes, stationary, automotive interiors, packaging, flexible seals and gaskets.


    Properties | Flexible, clear, elastic, wear resistant and impermeable.

    Applications | Seals, gaskets


    PVC including; Low smoke grades, GF reinforced, High vicat etc.

    ABS PC / ABS blends

    Wood plastic / Rice Husk Specialised grades

    Decorative finishes etc.


    TPE , Flexible PVC , Nitrile

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