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    Plastic Angle Trims

    Our Plastic Angle Trim profiles are ideal for a range of applications including external corner protection and trimming over internal or external corners where materials meet. These 90 degree profiles are manufactured in high quality white PVC with options in 1.5mm or 3mm thickness.

    Size ref – 1st external depth – 2nd external depth – 3rd thickness | mm = millimetres


    Description Prodcut code Stock length (m) Pack quantity Amount of Packs Pack Price

    Angle 25mm x 25mm x 1.5mm

    AN010WHA3000 3 50
    £86.85 Buy

    Angle 32mm x 32mm x 1.5mm

    AN025WHA3000 3 25
    £78.96 Buy

    Angle 38mm x 38mm x 1.5mm

    AN035WHA3000 3 25
    £81.06 Buy

    Angle 42mm x 42mm x 1.5mm

    AN042WHA3000 3 25
    £105.08 Buy

    Angle 50mm x 50mm x 1.5mm

    AN052WHA3000 3 25
    £120.23 Buy

    Angle 52mm x 52mm x 3mm

    AN053WHA3000 3 10
    £75.14 Buy